Nutrition Services

Through a partnership with Sodexo our schools provide students with healthy and nutritious meals to support their learning and growth.

School Menus & Nutritional Information 

Free/Reduced Application or the Income Survey?

It depends on which schools your students attend.

If you have at least ONE student attending any of these schools:

  • Desert Sky Elementary
  • Orchard Elementary
  • White Bluffs Elementary
  • Leona Libby Middle
  • Hanford High
  • Richland High
  • Three Rivers HomeLink

Use the Free / Reduced Meal Application

One application per family, include all household members. Consent To Share Eligibility form for fee waivers is included in the application.

If your student(s) only attends these schools: 

  • Early Learning Center
  • Badger Mountain
  • Jason Lee
  • Jefferson
  • Lewis & Clark
  • Marcus Whitman
  • Sacajawea
  • Tapteal
  • William Wiley
  • Carmichael Middle
  • Chief Joseph Middle
  • Enterprise Middle
  • River's Edge High School

Use  the Family Income Survey

For fee waivers, you must also submit a Consent To Share Eligibility form listed below.

The income survey determines ‘simulated eligibility’ only for the purpose of fee waivers and for federal grant funds.

If you received an email from Nutrition Services notifying you that your student has been automatically qualified for either free or reduced meals, regardless of the school they attend:

Do not submit either the application or the income survey. Your students are already qualified.

All you need to submit is the Consent To Share Eligibility form listed below.

Free and Reduced-Price Meals

The 2023-24 application for free or reduced-price meals is now available online. To apply, go to You will need your student's 8-digit ID number for the online application.

Last year's applications have not expired yet. If your student received free or reduced-price meals last year, they will still be free through October 12, or until you submit a new application.


Community Eligibility Program (CEP)

CEP is a federal program in which all enrolled students at the listed schools below receive breakfast and lunch at no cost. This is not the same as being qualified for free meals; rather the student is not charged for their meals. Under CEP meals are free to enrolled students, but a la cart items remain full price. This includes milk for students who bring lunch from home - milk will still be $0.50.

For the 2023-24 school year these RSD schools will participate in CEP: 

Elementary & Pre-K Secondary & Choice

Early Learning Center
Badger Mountain
Jason Lee
Lewis & Clark
Marcus Whitman
William Wiley

Carmichael Middle School
Chief Joseph Middle School
Enterprise Middle School
River's Edge High School

Per federal regulation we cannot process free/reduced applications for CEP schools. The exception is if you also have RSD students who attend a non-CEP school.


Direct Certification 

If your family receives SNAP, TANF or Medicaid there is a chance your student automatically qualifies for free or reduced meals via Direct Certification. Notification letters were sent out via email when Direct Certification began on August 3. Families who are directly certified do not need to submit applications.

Additional Nutrition Information

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