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Addressing Behavioral Concerns

The staff at Tapteal work very closely with parents to help students find success in academics and behavior.  We appreciate your support and cooperation.  The staff stresses self-responsibility on the part of the children.  We try to be fair and work to remove the cause of any problems that may arise.  We must insist, however, that every child behave in a manner that is conducive to learning.

The teacher will handle small behavioral infractions by using our school-wide discipline plan.  Children who repeatedly break rules, continually fail to complete assigned work or appear to be unhappy in school, require and receive extra help.

If behavioral problems develop, students are referred to the school counselor or principal for intervention strategies.  Parents will be notified and we will work collaboratively to help your child.

This is a positive program and should not be considered a punishment by the teacher or parent.  When you receive a call in regards to your child’s behavior, remember that we are asking for your help and suggestions.