Mental Health Assistance Team


Schools play a major role in promoting the emotional wellness of children.

The Mental Health Assistance Team is focused on developing, implementing and maintaining comprehensive and accessible programs and services for students and families, from social and emotional health assessments and learning to crisis intervention and referrals to outside services.

Assessing & Monitoring Student Needs

Social-emotional skills such as goal setting, empathy and managing emotions are critical for students of all ages to be successful academically as well as in their lives and relationships. Beginning in the spring of 2021, the district began using the Behavior Intervention Monitoring Assessment System (Second Edition), or BIMAS-2, to help gauge where middle and high school students are in their social-emotional learning and help them grow. This tool will also be used to screen elementary students beginning in the 2021-22 school year.

This information will be used to assist individual students whose responses indicate they may be in crisis while also helping schools build and support programming that addresses social-emotional learning. Elementary students will participate with teacher/parent screeners with plans to also add a parent/teacher component for middle and high school students.

Learn More About BIMAS-2

Supporting Social-Emotional Learning

MHAT members are working with school and district staff to identify and set learning standards for social-emotional learning in grades K-12 for all RSD schools. This work will inform what curriculum and instructional materials are used to help students develop critical skills ranging from self-governance, empathy and relationship building.

Crisis Intervention

Each RSD school has a school-based crisis intervention team comprised of the assigned school psychologist, school nurse, school counselor(s), and a building administrator.  MHAT members serve as a flight team to provide additional support through school-based teams during an event-based crisis. They also support school-based teams when students are being assessed and may indicate they need immediate intervention.

Community Resources

Local mental health care providers and agencies are crucial partners in supporting our students and families. The Mental Health Assistance Team has compiled the following list of providers for those needing support.

Mental Health Resources

MHAT Members

Michelle Sorensen
Team Co-Lead, School Social Worker

Angie Withers
Team Co-Lead, School Psychologist

Tory Christensen
Principal (Secondary)

Tim Praino
Principal (Secondary)

Jennifer Klauss
Principal (Secondary)

Marc' Nelson
Principal (Elementary)

Kathryn Tocco
School Counselor

Nicole Mejia
School Counselor

Chandra Markel
School Counselor

Danielle Harvey
School Nurse

Julie Ziabletsev
School Social Worker

Sarah Milam
School Psychologist

Katie Pardini
School Psychologist