Our students deserve the best teaching and tools available. This means we are always looking for new and improved ways to deliver classroom instruction and support school- and district-wide programs and initiatives.

This commitment to innovation ensures we are preparing our students to live successful and fulfilling lives in an increasingly connected and diverse world.

Some examples of how we our staff, schools and district are looking outside the box to serve students:

  • The 1:1 Technology Initiative will have a digital device in the hands of each of our students in Grades 3-12 by 2020. These devices enhance classroom learning by giving teachers a new tool to provide resources while helping students collaborate, create and take control of their learning. As a result, students will develop skills vital to living in the 21st century regardless of their chosen career path.
  • Our Promise Kindergarten, or Promise K, program, brings soon-to-be kindergartners into a kindergarten classroom a half-year before they would typically start school. This novel approach is helping some of our youngest students be successful throughout their education.
  • The STEP Program, a partnership between Richland High School and Goodwill Industries, is providing students in the school's Structured & Life Skills classrooms with workforce training. This is just one of the ways our Special Education teachers and staff are striving to make sure the students they serve can be independent and self-sufficient upon graduation.