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Career and Technical Education

Career and Technical Education (CTE) provides support to 8th through 12th grade students as they become college and career ready. Courses within CTE engage students in authentic experiences integrating and applying core academic subjects with industry-defined standards, leadership, and employability skills. Students are provided with learning experiences to better prepare them for the challenges of post-secondary training and education and related careers. 

Richland School District CTE courses are offered as part of the following programs:

  • Agriculture Education
  • Arts and Communications
  • Business Education
  • Engineering and Technology Education
  • Family and Consumer Sciences Education
  • Health Science Careers
  • Marketing Education
  • Mathematics
  • Science and Natural Resources
  • Worksite Learning

In addition, resources are available to students, staff, parents and community partners through the services of our Career Specialists.

If you have questions or want to know more about the Richland School District's CTE offerings, contact:

Claudia Cooley, Director of Career and Technical Education
615 Snow Avenue
Richland, WA 99352