Student & Parent Support

We are asking all of our families to join us as cooperation and collaboration is critical as we transition from learning in the classroom to learning at home. By working together we can help students to stay on track to move to the next grade level, the next course, and/or graduate.

Tips For Success

  • Maintain A Space & Schedule
    Set aside a space in your home where your child can work without distractions and keep their materials. It's also important to have a daily routine established so students can stay engaged and focused.

  • Connect With Teachers
    Teachers will be communicating with students on a weekly basis at minimum to touch base on learning goals, activities and assessment. We encourage students and families to engage with teachers as much as needed to support student success, whether that is by email, phone or video conferencing.

  • Check Your Child’s Progress
    Parents should review their child's work whenever possible. If they see their child struggling with a lesson or resource, we encourage parents to reach out to their child's teachers.

Here are a few interactive options and resources to share information with your child to help them understand the situation with the novel coronavirus and address any anxiety they may be having.

Coronavirus Explained for Kids (Video)

A Comic Exploring The New Coronavirus (NPR)

Talking to Teens and Tweens About Coronavirus (NYT)

Talking To Kids About Coronavirus: A Parent Resource (NASP)