At-Home Learning

Every Student. Every Teacher. Every Week.

Through technology, innovative teaching and collaboration with families, our students will continue to learn so they can be successful now and in the future. 

At-Home Learning is Richland School District's comprehensive distance learning program designed to engage students in learning at home while schools are closed in response to the novel coronavirus COVID-19.

Teachers will provide instruction and assess academic work completed by students. Supplemental and enrichment activities developed by district curriculum specialists provides further opportunities for students to challenge themselves and explore.

Moving At-Home Learning To The Next Level

Schools are closed but learning will continue! Following Gov. Jay Inslee’s closure of all school buildings across the state in response to the novel coronavirus, Richland School District teachers, principals and district administrators came together to update the At-Home Learning program so students remain engaged in their education and are ready to attend school in the fall or move on after graduation.

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View Full Parent’s Guide To At-Home Learning Phase II

Our At-Home Learning Promise

Regular contact between teachers and students

Consistent learning routines are crucial to helping students focus and stay engaged. Teachers will create and provide learning activities or projects on a weekly basis at minimum. Families will also have opportunities to contact teachers to share student progress and ask questions.

Continued instruction paired with enrichment opportunities

Our schools have long focused on more than a "basic education" and the At-Home Learning program has that same goal. While students will receive continued instruction in core subjects, activities in the visual arts, music, physical education, STEM and other exploratory opportunities are also available for students of all levels.

Support for each student's needs

We will continue to serve our students who need additional services or assistance to access their education. Teachers and specialists in our Special Education department and English Language Learner (ELL) program will provide individual support to their students and families.