Standardized Testing

State-required assessments

These assessments are required by the state to make schools accountable for student academic performance.

District-level assessments

The district conducts additional diagnostic testing of student learning to provide teachers and school leaders with data showing student growth and where instructional adjustments are needed.


i-Ready Classroom Assessments

Richland School District will pilot a new district-level assessment, i-Ready, during the 2018-19 school year at four schools: Lewis & Clark, Marcus Whitman and William Wiley elementary schools and Carmichael Middle School.

i-Ready is being considered to help assess student growth in math and reading in elementary and middle school grades in place of three other assessments currently used to measure student growth–DIBELS and AIMSweb for kindergarten through Grade 2 and the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) for Grades 3-8.

i-Ready is aligned with the Common Core State Standards, is compatible with the district's curricula, and has cost and time requirements similar to current district assessments. More importantly, the reports i-Ready provides on student performance appear to provide more useful and user-friendly data for teachers, parents and students. Additionally, the assessment offers a wider array of resources to help teachers target instruction to help students.

The district's Assessment Committee will consider feedback from the schools piloting i-Ready, including time required by students to complete the assessment, ease of use and relevance of the data they provide in considering whether to recommend adoption of i-Ready district-wide.

View more information about the i-Ready diagnostics.