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Art Instruction

"The Richland School District has become a model for the state arts mandate by offering a comprehensive, sequential, standards-based K-12 visual arts program to all learners." That comment is from Ann Banks, Arts Program Supervisor for the Office of the State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Art instruction is in integral part of the Richland School District's academic program. The goal of the art program is to provide students specific opportunities to develop visual artistic literacy through personal expression and involvement in the creative process. Students advance through a program that allows them to acquire skills in art production, to increase their knowledge of art heritage, to increase their aesthetic sensitivity and to develop creative and critical thinking skills. The overall concern is with individual artistic growth and the development of each student's creative abilities.

The curriculum enables our students to achieve a high personal level of art competency. It also helps them prepare for art related careers, including the high tech areas of computer graphics, animation, graphic design and commercial art.

"Art is the universal language that enriches the lives of all students," says Robert McMinn, art instructor at Richland High School. "We want students to explore, experience and experiment with their own creativity in producing visual art."