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Students show off research and public speaking skills at Wax Museum (photo gallery)

Rosa Parks, Russell Wilson, Marie Curie, Albert Einstein…...Some Jason Lee Elementary fourth grade students recently read biographies of famous people and displayed their knowledge at a Wax Museum Friday afternoon. Students dressed up as current or historical figures and gave short biographical speeches to those attending.

“Each month, our students read books from a specific genre,” explains teacher Lyn Leyde. “The genre in January was biographies.” 

After completing their books, the fourth graders created exhibit boards telling the stories of their respective figures. The short speeches at the Wax Museum gave students the opportunity to practice their public speaking skills.

“The Wax Museum is a fun and interactive way for the students to show off their weeks of work,” adds Leyde.  

In addition to biographies, the fourth grade students have read books from other genres including mystery, tall tales, fractured fairy tales, and realistic fiction.

Image Title: Martin Luther King Jr.
Martin Luther King Jr.

Image Title: Marie Curie
Marie Curie

Image Title: Thomas Edison
Thomas Edison

Image Title: Amelia Earhart
Amelia Earhart

Image Title: Cleopatra