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College and Career Days engage students (photo gallery)

Image Title: Chiropractor - Chief Joseph
Chiropractor - Chief Joseph
Image Title: Molecular biology - Enterprise
Molecular biology - Enterprise
Image Title: Pipefitting - Chief Joseph
Pipefitting - Chief Joseph
Image Title: Broadcast journalism - Enterprise
Broadcast journalism - Enterprise
Image Title: Attorney Annie Chau - Chief Joseph
Attorney Annie Chau - Chief Joseph
Image Title: Laser Therapy - Enterprise
Laser Therapy - Enterprise
Image Title: Hair stylist Cedric Moss - Chief Joseph
Hair stylist Cedric Moss - Chief Joseph
Image Title: Heritage University - Enterprise
Heritage University - Enterprise

From a wildlife biologist, cosmetologist, and engineer, to a laboratory scientist, attorney, and roofer, Enterprise and Chief Joseph Middle School students had an opportunity to interact with many different professionals at their respective College and Career Days on Friday. 

“Our sixth, seventh, and eighth graders learned about all sorts of college and career choices,” said Enterprise assistant principal BJ Sorensen.

“Middle school is the time for students to start thinking about their post high school plans,” added Chief Joseph counselor Alice Amaya.

Studies report that understanding the link between education and career aspirations has a significant impact on a student's likelihood of completing college.