Threat Reported Against Richland High School

Threat Reported Against Richland High School

To our Richland High community,

Late in the night of Oct. 15, a student reached out to our staff after another student allegedly made threats against Richland High School in an online chat group with 10 other students. Administrators immediately began investigating and contacted the Richland Police Department.

The investigation revealed other threats the identified student made against the school on their social media. The student’s parents were contacted and asked to accompany their child to a meeting with administrators and police early in the morning of Oct. 16. Following this meeting, the student was emergency expelled and arrested by police. There is no evidence the student had access to any weapons that would allow them to carry out their threats.

We want to thank the student who quickly came forward with information so our staff and law enforcement could immediately investigate this matter and work to keep students and staff safe. We encourage anyone who hears of a threat or safety concern against our school to report it, even if they think the threat may be a joke or a hoax.

You can submit tips via text, email, phone call or online through our SafeSchools Alert system and may choose to remain anonymous.

Tim Praino
Richland High School