The Latest On Our Special Education Task Force

The Latest On Our Special Education Task Force

UPDATE 8/29/19: The Richland School Board has selected the 12 parents who will be members of the task force.

  • Elementary: Michael Summers, Myriam Bradshaw, Kelly Roseberg and Heather Castleberry (alternate)
  • Middle School: Annamarie Carlson, Zac Carpenter, April Gardner and Tamra Harrison (alternate)
  • High School: Tonya Goche, Eugene Nemeth, Craig Smith and Mike Stevens (alternate)

The task force’s first meeting is scheduled for Sept. 19. The district is currently conducting a survey among parents of children who receive special education services to help the task force identify key issues.

ORIGINAL POST 8/16/19: The Richland School Board has begun appointing the members of the district’s Special Education Task Force that will review our current K-12 special education model and make recommendations to improve our programs for students.

  • Board members approved recommended task force members drawn from the district’s special and general education teachers, administrators, union representatives and the community.
    • Special Education Teachers: Summer Zumini, Amanda Fish, Renae Yecha, Jill Ives, Constance Morelock, Laurie Price
    • General Education Teachers: Molly Judkins, Kim Maldonado
    • Principals: Shana Borms, Tim Praino
    • School Board Member: Rick Donahoe
    • REA Representative: Ken Hays
    • PSE Representative: Nicki Sintay
    • Assistant Superintendent: Brian Moore
    • Special Education Administrators: Mandy Cathey, Tracy Blankenship, Kiley Hodges
    • Community Agency: Meg Fallows
    • Teaching, Learning & Curriculum Administrator: Nicki Blake
    • Itinerant Staff Member: Rachel Carter
  • The Board gave consensus to hiring Sarah Sorensen Petersen as the task force’s facilitator. She is a clinical assistant professor in the College of Education at Washington State University (WSU) Tri-Cities and has an extensive background as a special education teacher, administrator and educator. Prof. Sorensen Petersen also holds credentials in conflict resolution and mediation. She earned her law degree from the University of Oregon and has represented families of children receiving special education services.
  • The 12 parents on the task force (nine voting, three alternates) will be selected from 19 parent applications. Board members will assess the applications individually before discussing them and making appointments at the Aug. 27 board meeting.

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