RSD Is Partnering With Peachjar For Digital Flyers

RSD Is Partnering With Peachjar For Digital Flyers

No more digging through your child’s backpack to look for the latest school newsletter or flyer. RSD is partnering with Peachjar to implement a fully digital flyer distribution model.

This new approach will send flyers from community organizations and groups—from school parent-teacher organizations and booster clubs to athletic camps and tutors—directly to the families of RSD students by email. These flyers will also be available on virtual bulletin boards on each school’s website.

What does this mean for parents and guardians?

No action is necessary on the part of student families. Parents and guardians will begin receiving a weekly email of all flyers being distributed to their child’s school after Nov. 1. Flyers will be provided as PDFs. Families may opt out of these communications while not opting out of other district messages. To ensure you don’t miss notifications, add to your email contacts and click “always display images” when you receive your first email.

Peachjar is used exclusively for the distribution of school-approved flyers only. Email addresses will not be shared or used for any other purpose.

A link to each school’s virtual flyer bulletin board will be available on each school homepage.

What does this mean for school and community organizations?

All flyers distributed in RSD schools must be submitted through Peachjar beginning Oct. 31. All flyers must continue to meet the district’s guidelines for distribution and be approved by district staff. Distribution will be free for any approved flyers—

  • submitted by RSD-affiliated groups such as parent-teacher organizations or booster clubs
  • regarding events/opportunities that do not charge a cost for participation, are directly beneficial to RSD students and there is no future enticement of a fee.

Peachjar will charge a fee for all other flyers approved for distribution.

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