Reported Incident At Richland High School

Reported Incident At Richland High School

UPDATE 3:32 P.M. 11/22/2019: The district and Richland High continue to support the Richland Police Department’s investigation into the reported incident at Richland High the evening of Nov. 21. Law enforcement have received no reports of missing students connected to Richland High or the incident. School administrators have reached out to families of students who were marked absent and/or had an unexcused absence Friday and have accounted for those students.

This remains an active investigation, however, at this time, police have no evidence that any person was abducted and no evidence of any ongoing danger. 

The district and Richland High take any reports of harm or danger to students seriously and we will investigate and work with law enforcement whenever we receive these reports. We want to thank the student who brought this incident to the attention of police and encourage students, parents, staff and community members to report these types of incidents to the police or school administrators.

Anyone who may have additional information should contact RPD at (509) 942-7340. We want to thank the community for their support and patience while we investigate what we believe to be a credible report.

UPDATE 12:08 P.M. 11/22/2019: Richland High School and Richland School District continue to work with Richland Police Department in its investigation of last night’s reported incident at Richland High. Law enforcement has updated the description of a possible vehicle of interest that was in the area at the time the incident occurred. The vehicle is a 2007-2013, silver in color, Chevrolet, extended cab pick-up truck. It appears to have a black colored bed cover.

If you have any information about this vehicle, or this incident, please contact the Richland Police Department at (509) 942-7340. Additionally, if you have cameras at your location between Williams Boulevard and Lee Boulevard, Stevens Drive and Thayer Drive please consider reviewing any footage you have from Thursday evening and contacting police if you believe they contain footage that relates to this incident.

We understand the concern this incident has raised and we will keep you informed as we learn more.

ORIGINAL POST: A 14-year-old student reported that just before 5 p.m. on Nov. 21 they saw a teenage male around the age of 14 to 15, possibly Hispanic with a blue backpack and grey sweatshirt leaving campus to the south being forced into a vehicle. The vehicle was a dark colored truck driven by a suspect described as a white male in his 30s with a muscular build. 

We are working with the Richland Police Department to try and identify the reported victim and suspect.

If you have a child matching that description who was in the area of Richland High at that time, please ensure you know where your child is. If your child is missing or you are unsure where they may be, please attempt to contact them and if you cannot locate them contact the Richland Police Department as soon as possible at (509) 942-7340.