Notice of Request for Proposals

Notice of Request for Proposals

Notice of Request for Proposals

The Richland School District #400 (District) is accepting written food service proposals from qualified food service management companies (FSMC) to provide food services with the Richland School District. Detailed specifications may be obtained from, and proposals shall be filed with:

Name: Richard Krasner
Title: Executive Director, Operations
School District: Richland School District #400
Address: 701 Stevens Drive, Richland, WA 99352
Telephone: 509-967-6102 
Reference: Request for Proposals #630

Sealed proposals must be received no later than 2:00 PM on July 6, 2023

Proposals received after scheduled closing cannot be considered. The District reserves the right to accept any proposal which it deems most favorable to the interests of the District.



Questions regarding the information contained in this Request for Proposal must be submitted to Richard Krasner, Executive Director, Operations, Richland SD No. 400, not later than 2:00 PM PST, June 2, 2023. All questions must be submitted in writing or sent to and received by the specified date and time. No oral questions or postmarks will be accepted. 

Questions and answers will be posted by the district business office.


Questions and Answers Per Section D. Addenda

Q: Which schools utilize hard, washable, and reusable serving trays for service and which schools use disposable? 

A: All K-8 schools use washable and 9-12 schools uses paper.

Q: What were the 2021-22 Meal Claims per school site including itemized free, reduced, and paid meal counts per month?

A: Free, Reduced and Paid Meal information is on page 39 of the RFP.   All students were served under the Seamless Summer Option 21-22 so all claim information is free.

Q: What were the last 3 years of audited financials including the food service fund reports for each year? 

A: This information is not applicable to this process due to the increased funding amounts applied this year and COVID-19 waivers.   You can find financial performance on the 1800 report via the OSPI website.

Q: What is the current FSMC contract renewal approved by the Board for SY 2022-23? 

A: We are asking you to bid on the specifics of your programs and offers.   Please ensure your price is inclusive of the costs needed to run your offer.  This information is available on the district website via board notes.

Q: Does your current contractor currently own any equipment or smallware’s and if so, would you kindly provide an inventory of what they own? 

A: No.

Q: Would you confirm how many copies of proposals you require and if you need the electronic version on a thumb drive or CD?

A: 1 will need 1 original and 1 copy that can be on a thumb drive

Q: Would you provide a total payroll, taxes, and benefits number for the Sponsors staff needed for proforma development?

A: Total budgeted labor for last year was $2,542,096 

Q: Will the district offer a pre-bid meeting for interested bidders? 

A: By appointment only