Introducing New Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) Instructional Materials for Elementary and Secondary Students

Introducing New Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) Instructional Materials for Elementary and Secondary Students

We are excited to announce our new SEL instructional materials that will be used district-wide beginning this school year, CharacterStrong and PurposeFull People! The district was lucky to be able to host an informational community and family night with the co-founders of CharacterStrong, John Norlin and Houston Kraft. Watch the family night recording here.

Pre-K and Elementary will be using PurposeFull People, which teaches skills for life success and character education. This curriculum is designed to include these skills while building a foundation of strong relationships among students. Download PurposeFull People overview for families.

Secondary students will be using CharacterStrong. This curriculum is designed to build social and emotional competence, develop character, and cultivate strong educator-student relationships. Advisory time will be available to students on Fridays beginning next school year. Download CharacterStrong overview for families.

Families are welcome to sign-up for 30-day access to review relevant content. Visit to learn more.

The SEL Adoption Process

The SEL adoption committee began working on selecting new curriculum in January of 2022.As part of the instructional materials adoption process, the committee reviewed current Washington state SEL standards; researched best practices in SEL instruction; and identified priority standards, outcomes and skills. In the winter of 2023, the SEL committee completed its review of available instructional material and selected material to pilot in the spring of 2023. Upon completion of the pilot, the committee presented their recommended materials to the IMC.

The district would like to thank the more than 120 people who had a role within the committee over the past 18 months. Each person was vital to the success of the committee, bringing their experience and expertise in a variety of capacities, including community members, teachers, instructional specialists, counselors, social workers, a librarian, a nurse, and administrators from all sites.