Bus Information For Students Returning To Schools

Bus Information For Students Returning To Schools

RSD Transportation Department staff have finalized bus information for our elementary students returning for in-person learning and for middle and high school students coming into schools for in-person support

Elementary Students

All busing information is available by logging into our ELink portal. Don’t have an ELink account yet? Learn how to create an account.


Students assigned to a bus route will have a bus stop, pickup time and route information available. Students who live within walking distance of their school (roughly one mile) will not have busing information listed. Please note that kindergartners must be met by a parent or guardian when being dropped off after school until the Transportation Department has written permission to let them off with a sibling or alone.

Middle & High School Students




COVID-19 Bus Protocols & Procedures:

  • Drivers will assign riders by a seating chart and students must sit in their assigned seat. Siblings will be allowed to sit together.
  • Riders must wear a cloth face mask or face shield with a drape while on the bus*
  • Bus windows and roof hatches will be open to help with air flow. Heaters will be used to help keep riders warm but they should also bring a coat or jacket to wear.



*bus drivers will wear face masks whenever there are passengers riding the bus