Richland High School's Alonso and Eduardo Rosales

Richland High School's Alonso and Eduardo Rosales

Eduardo Rosales loves to work with his hands. His twin brother, Alonso, has always had a love of cars.

“It’s more than just being a mechanic,” he explains. “I like doing custom paint jobs on cars.”

Those passions led one of their counselors to urge the Richland High School seniors to take a look at the programs offered at Tri-Tech Skills Center.

Eduardo knew immediately he wanted to enroll in Pre-Electrical. He has spent the last several years working a part-time job in construction and was excited to learn a new aspect of that industry. Alonso, on the other hand, joined Tri-Tech’s Auto Body Technology program.

The brothers admitted that juggling schoolwork from two schools can be a challenge at times. “Time management can be difficult, but I try to get my assignments done before I go to Tri-Tech,” says Eduardo.

Now with graduation around the corner, the brothers are excited about the portfolios Tri-Tech has helped them build and take to prospective employers and work opportunities.

“It’s exciting to already be in the field you want to work in,” says Alonso. “To be working your way up to your goals.”