Hanford High School's Austin Mallory

Hanford High School's Austin Mallory

Since he was six years old, Hanford High senior Austin Mallory has known he wanted to enlist in the Marines. He remembers watching a movie with his father when he was young about the military. His Dad explained to him what a Marine did, and from that point forward Austin’s goal in enlisting never wavered.

Partway through senior year, Austin decided it was time. He walked up to the Marine’s booth at lunchtime and introduced himself. A week later all the paperwork was signed and he was enlisted.

“There is not much that will stop me from accomplishing what I set my mind to,” says Austin.

But Austin isn’t shipping off just yet, he still needs to graduate high school. Boot camp won’t start until mid-to-late July. Once he completes that, he will be joining the Marine Corps Reserve Motor T Company.

Austin’s spent last summer working for a semi-truck repair shop. He says that experience, as well as taking Manufacturing Technology classes at Hanford, has set him up well to succeed in Motor T. He hopes someday he can open his own mechanic’s shop with the experience he will gain from the Reserves and working as a civilian.

All of Austin’s life experiences have only pushed him to working towards achieving his goals more. He says the nay-sayers have only made him more determined.

“There is quote that I try to live by,” says Austin. “Don’t shout your successes. Let your success shout for you.”