Delta High School's Zoe Pfeifer

Delta High School's Zoe Pfeifer

Zoe Pfeifer has always wanted to work in the medical field. When her family moved to the Tri-Cities she set her sights on Delta High School because of the school’s emphasis on STEM.

“I have always wanted to help people. That is my number one goal. So studying medicine just makes sense,” Zoe says. When her grandpa got sick and was in the hospital, it only reinforced that feeling.

Zoe credits Delta High for helping set her up for success in the future. The strong focus on science and College in the High School classes have given her a head start on her future plans. Delta also helped her connect with students who had similar goals and interests like her.

Next year Zoe will attend Grand Canyon University in Phoenix. She plans to major in Biology with a Pre-Med focus. She was accepted into the school’s honors college and will have a rigorous schedule with six honors classes.

To avoid taking out student loans before medical school, Zoe has been working on her getting Medical Scribe Certification with several specialty certifications in Urgent Care, Family Medicine, and Emergency Services. She plans to find a job doing medical transcription while at school.

“I am looking forward to being more independent and getting to study what interests me,” Zoe says.