River's Edge High School's Wyatt McKellep

River's Edge High School's Wyatt McKellep

Wyatt McKellep says he was lost when he started high school. He felt like just another face in the crowd and couldn’t find the motivation to focus on his classes.

Those challenges led him to River’s Edge High School by the end of his freshman year.

“I felt like it was my best chance to be successful,” Wyatt says.

He found it much easier to build relationships with his teachers and fellow classmates in the school’s tightknit community. The small class sizes also helped him get the support he needed in his studies. Then, this year, he enrolled in River’s Edge’s new project-based learning program, and everything clicked.

“It was just so new and different and relevant to life outside school,” Wyatt says.

Among the projects he and his classmates worked on was studying mental health awareness in the community and proposing potential solutions for improving it.

Now he plans to enroll at Columbia Basin College in the fall to begin working toward a bachelor’s degree in project management, which would give him more skills to work on everything from construction projects to media campaigns.