Delta High School's Tewabech Feser

Delta High School's Tewabech Feser

Tewabech Feser was eight years old when she was adopted and left her native Ethiopia for the Tri-Cities. She loved her new school, Jefferson Elementary, and the students and staff she befriended. Her English language learner classes, however, were not a favorite.

“It was hard, it was just so much work,” she says.

She powered through, though, inspired by a book she read in the sixth-grade about a child who, like her, was an English language learner and was driven to improve their fluency.

In eighth grade, Tewabech remembers students from Delta High School coming to her school and talking about Delta’s science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) focus. She was learning coding in science class at the time and was intrigued, so she applied and won a slot through the school’s annual enrollment lottery.

At Delta Tewabech joined the Key Club and Ambassadors and is currently serving as the school’s intern with Gesa Credit Union. She has spent the past four years exploring multimedia at the school, learning how to code and build websites, using different computer applications and how to tell stories through marketing. She says she’s ready to graduate and move on to study advertising and marketing at Grand Canyon University in Arizona.

“When you want to do something, you have to envision yourself doing it,” she says. “I really believe in manifesting what you want.”