Graduation 2020


Senior Stories

Each of our graduates have unique stories behind their journeys to reach graduation. We'll be sharing just a few of them in the days leading up to our virtual graduation ceremonies on June 4 & 5.


Eddie De La Paz was focused on his goals and interests throughout his four years at Hanford High. However, his need for one more class to fill his schedule led him to discover something he never would have tried on his own and put him on the forefront of a historic time for the school.

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Alana Cho has always enjoyed school and learning. However, it's been her experiences outside the classroom and the relationships with her teachers that have helped determine what she wants to do next.

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Jordan Jech arrived at River's Edge High School as a sophomore and working through some of his own challenges. Learn how the school helped him be ready to take the next step after graduation.

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Elie Belmont has spent the past 10 years at Three Rivers HomeLink. She's excited to move on to her future but says she will miss a place that helped her cope with her challenges and inspired her decision to become a counselor.

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As recently as two years ago, Caden Mata fully expected he would drop out and not graduate from Richland High. Now he's not only graduating but heading off to continue his education with the goal of working in radiological medicine.

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Natalia Negrete deeply valued competing as a swimmer and wrestler at Hanford High as the sports taught her push herself and become self-reliant. But it's the experience of community and cooperation she learned at the same time that is leading her to study sports management at Washington State University.

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Class Of 2020 Highlights


Total Graduates in the Class of 2020


Tri-Tech Skills Center was crucial in helping Richland High senior Jack Allen determine his path after graduation.

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Number of valedictorians

Alyssa Huntington's love of science found the perfect place to grow at Delta High School

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You never know when you might walk in on a graduation at River's Edge High School.

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Graduates entering military service or military academy

Hanford High seniors Remington Steelman and Abby Craven used an elementary memory to create an award-winning project.

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Graduates recognized as either Semifinalists or Commended Students by the National Merit Scholarship Program