Strategic Plan

Richland School District’s strategic plan is focused on ensuring our staff, families and community are doing everything needed to give each student skills and opportunities to be successful in school and their future. By following our core values and fulfilling our priorities, we can help each student develop their portrait of a graduate and be Richland Ready.

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What Is A Portrait Of A Graduate?

Each student in Richland School District is different, with unique talents and abilities. Yet each should possess and demonstrate, in their own way, the essential qualities that will help them succeed in the classroom and life. They need to be engaged and empowered learners, effective communicators, creative and critical thinkers, resilient individuals and empathetic citizens. When our students show these qualities, we know they are ready for their future, whether in our community or elsewhere in our nation or world. This is what we call being Richland Ready.

Academic Success

Engaged & Empowered Learner

  • Takes responsibility for their own learning
  • Explores topics of personal interest
  • Seeks to understand
Community Engagement

Effective Communicator

  • Communicates effectively through speaking, writing, listening, and sharing
  • Communicates thoughtfully and with purpose in their unique voice and viewpoint
  • Collaboratively communicates with others including those who have differing experiences, opinions and viewpoints

Creative & Critical Thinker

  • Applies past learning to new subjects
  • Determines solutions using thoughtful questions, solid evidence, and logical choices
  • Develops connections between areas of learning

Resilient Individual

  • Accepts and grows from failure
  • Focuses on their future
  • Cultivates healthy relationships that affirm self-worth and accountability

Compassionate Citizen

  • Accepts responsibility for the consequences of their actions
  • Understands the importance of empathy & compassion
  • Contributes intentionally to each of their communities

Richland Readiness Priorities

The Richland Readiness Priorities frame the work that all Richland School District leaders, staff and partners undertake to support students. Each Priority is informed by our core values and is important yet each also is dependent on the work being conducted in the scope of the other Indicators. As with a family, school or community, the whole supports the success of every individual.

Within each Priority, Focus Areas outline the broad initiatives aimed at supporting student success. The Progress Benchmarks are the metrics we’ve set our sights on to assess these initiatives.

Richland Readiness Priorities: Well-Being, Academic Success, Safety, Community Engagement, Accountability

Coming Soon: Setting Our Goals & Monitoring Our Progress

Beginning in the 2023-24 school year, each school as well as the district will have Growth Profiles that identify the specific initiatives being pursued by staff to address identified focus areas and the goals that will indicate progress. These plans will be available for families and the community to review.

Additionally, RSD will launch a data dashboard that will show performance in a variety of areas, from student assessments and attendance to perceptions of student safety and family and community engagement and staff satisfaction. This dashboard will be updated periodically during each school year so everyone can see how the district is moving forward.