Strategic Goal

RSD Strategic Goal: Together We Educate Every Student For Success
  • We manage resources in an open, accountable manner to assure sustainable value and a safe, secure, nurturing environment.
  • We hire and develop highly qualified staff who will work with students, families and the community in collaborative teams.
  • We challenge students at all levels with rigorous, rich skills in reading, writing and math along with access to a broad and deep curriculum in the arts and humanities, math and sciences, trades and technical skills.
  • We support individual needs, goals, interests, cultures, skills and abilities. We nurture well-rounded students, attending to their hopes and dreams, their concerns and challenges. We will teach the work habits, study skills, character, creativity and attitudes needed for lifelong learning.
  • We use multiple measures and evidence of outcomes of significance to set goals, implement plans for improvement, monitor progress and celebrate success.