Staff Directory

Main Office Phone: (509) 967-6000
Main Office Fax: (509) 942-2401

Jennifer Belts, Receptionist

Financial Services

(509) 967-6005
Fax (509) 942-2401
Payroll & Benefits (509) 967-6019
Accounts Payable: (509) 967-6018

Clinton Sherman, Co-Executive Director of Financial Services
Rich Puryear, Co-Executive Director of Financial Services
Leah Fastabend, Accounts Payable
Connie Kearney, Accounts Payable
Robyn Leseberg, Accounts Payable & Purchasing Supervisor
Camille Lohman, Purchasing Secretary
Vickey Moore, Accounts Payable
Nayomia Munguia, Secretary
Jennifer Rivero, Payroll Secretary
Beth Stumetz, Fiscal Budget Analyst
Amy Tycksen, Benefits Specialist

Human Resources

(509) 967-6023
Fax (509) 942-1085

Tony Howard, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
Debbie Buechler, Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent
Bobbi Condos, Certificated Contract Specialist
Joy Ham, Classified Contract Specialist
Joan Gribskov, Labor & Industries/Employee Safety Manager
Kathy Keenan, Secretary
Amanda Krisher, Substitute Coordinator Secretary
Dawna Phillips, Contract Specialist
Michelle Yardley, Secretary

Information Technology

Mike Leseberg, Executive Director of Information Technology

  • Students and families needing support for district-issued devices should contact their school's designated tech support staff member
  • Staff needing support for district-issued devices may contact the Help Desk
  • PowerSchool issues:

Instructional & Student Services

(509) 967-6003
Fax (509) 942-2401

Mike Hansen, Deputy Superintendent of Instruction
Todd Baddley, Assistant Superintendent of Instruction
Brian Moore, Assistant Superintendent of Student Services
Anita Rodriguez, Secretary to the Deputy Superintendent of Instruction
Brenda Russie, Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent of Instruction
Toni Vonderhulls, Assessment Coordinator
Lynne Wiskerchen, Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent of Student Services

Nutrition Services

(509) 967-6114
Fax (509) 942-2550

Dawn Trumbull, Director of Nutrition Services
Cathy Albertson, Assistant Director of Nutrition Services
Linda Dabling, Secretary
Julie Soderquist, Lead Secretary
Wendy Markse, Field Supervisor


(509) 967-6100
Fax (509) 942-2401

Richard Krasner, Executive Director of Operations
Jeff Lettau, Director of Facilities & Operations
Caren Johnson, Director of Capital Projects
Brad Anderson, Assistant Director of Facilities & Operations
Melissa Hammitt, Receptionist
Connie Harrison, Facilities Coordinator
Jim Hollick, Grounds Supervisor
Mark Humann, Custodial Supervisor
Esmerelda Lemos, Capital Projects Secretary
Miguel Palencia, Assistant Custodial Supervisor
DeVonne Roth, Lead Secretary

Public Affairs & Communications

(509) 967-6008
Fax (509) 942-2401

Ty Beaver, Public Information Officer

Special Education

(509) 967-6050
Fax (509) 942-2443

Mandy Cathey, Executive Director of Special Education
Tracy Blankenship, Director of Special Education
Kiley Hodges, Assistant Director of Special Education
Jolee Cottrill, Secretary
Mayra Deleon, Receptionist
Suzanne Goecke, Lead Secretary
Jennifer Potts, Physical Therapist
Jane Toth, Fiscal Budget Analyst

Student Health Services

Nedda Dayley, Chief Nurse
Brenda Atencio, Nurse
Marci Dowson, Nurse
Danielle Harvey, Nurse
Robin Henle, Nurse
Jennifer Hull, Nurse
Janel Jackson, Nurse
Tallia Lewis, Nurse
Kelly Mackey, Nurse


(509) 967-6001
Fax (509) 942-2401

Dr. Rick Schulte, Superintendent
Nancy Mayer, Executive Assistant to Superintendent and School Board
Galt Pettett, District Counsel

Teaching, Learning & Curriculum

(509) 967-6004
Fax (509) 942-2401

Nicki Blake, Executive Director of Teaching & Learning
Ryan Beard, Director of Career & Technical Education
Paul Chartrand, Director of Technology & Innovation
Erika Doyle, Assistant Director of Teaching, Learning & Curriculum
Beth Harrington, Assistant Director of State & Federal Programs
Kristina Tucker, English Language Arts & Social Studies Coordinator
Susan Johnson, Secretary, English Language Learners Program
Alejandra Garza, Secretary
Alison Goodman, Career & Technical Education Secretary
Alison Knight, Lead Secretary for State & Federal Programs
Chunna Mao, Fiscal Budget Analyst for State & Federal Programs
Christina Perry, Secretary


(509) 967-6150
Fax (509) 942-2455
Dispatch (509) 967-6151

Dave Conrad, Director of Transportation
Tricia Callahan, Driver Safety Supervisor
Cindy Eskeli, Routing Supervisor
Carol Crowell, Assistant to Director of Transportation
Sally Lehmann, Payroll Secretary
Jim Stickler, Bus Shop