Student Representatives

Students Representatives to the Board of Directors serve as a liaison to the students of the District, providing insight and perspective to board members and administration on student issues.

Student Representatives attend a minimum of one board meeting per month and participate in Board discussion, but do not have the right to make motions, vote, hold Board offices or attend Executive Sessions.

Why Be A Student Rep?

  • Advocate for students and help spread awareness on key issues affecting youth in our schools.
  • Build relationships with students with diverse backgrounds attending different schools in the district.
  • Meet elected officials and share ideas related to student success state-wide.
  • Develop new leadership and communication skills.
  • Make an impact in the lives of future Richland School District students!

Student Board Rep Application


  • The student representative must be a current RSD high school sophomore attending Hanford High, Richland High, River's Edge, Three Rivers HomeLink, Pacific Crest Online Academy or Delta High School.
  • Have reliable transportation and be able to attend at least one regular school board meeting each month on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday from 6:30 p.m. until at least 8:30 p.m. at the Teaching, Learning and Administration Center in West Richland.
  • The student representative must be in proper academic standing equivalent for participation in athletics or other student activities and maintain proper academic standing throughout his or her term.
  • The student representative will be expected to maintain personal standards of behavior appropriate to participate in student activities.
  • The student representative must be willing to convey student opinions to the Board of Directors and report Board deliberations and actions to the student body.

Application Process

Students may apply for the position themselves of be nominated by a peer or staff member. The following materials must be in place to to submit an application:

  • A list of your school and/or community activities including names of organizations involved with (if applicable). 
  • Information about yourself including background, academic interests, goals, key issues, etc.
  • 250 words or less statement about what you believe are major concerns of students today and why you believe advocacy is important/what does advocacy look like.
  • Two letters of recommendation. One must be from a Richland School District teacher/administrator.
  • Signed acknowledgement form by the student and the student's parent/guardian acknowledging the qualifications/commitment of a student representative.

Application/Nomination Form

Students may apply for the position themselves of be nominated by a peer or staff member. Please choose the appropriate link below. Applications will close 3 p.m. on Friday, May 10, 2024.

Student Application

Nomination Form

2023-24 Student Reps

2023-24 Student Reps

My name is Karrin Wierzchowski (left), I am a senior at Richland High School and this is my second year serving as student representative on the RSD Board. Outside of board work, I enjoy reading, swimming on my high school team, hanging out with my friends and counting down days till I graduate! I plan to study political science in undergrad and eventually study law to work on international relations.

Hi! My name is Sheila Dehkordi (right), and I’m a junior at Richland High School. This is my first year serving on the RSD Board, and I’m excited to represent the student body. Besides talking, I enjoy painting, and love learning about history. I also enjoy volunteering around the community, and I am always looking for ways to get involved and help out whenever I can! I am currently set on studying law in the future, but knowing me, I’ll probably change my mind at some point.

Work we have done as student board representatives includes a cookie drive, mental health student survey, flag policy student survey, social emotional learning student survey, as well as attending the Washington State School Directors’ Association conferences and traveling to meet state and local representatives in Olympia and Washington D.C.

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