Board Members

Members of the Richland School Board are elected by our community to four-year terms.

Beginning Tuesday, March 23, the Richland School Board will begin meeting in-person for its scheduled regular meetings as allowed under Phase 3 of the state’s Roadmap to Recovery plan. These meetings will continue to be broadcast via Zoom and there will also be opportunity for members of the public to attend in-person.

Attending Board Meetings In-Person

The Board’s meeting room at the Teaching, Learning & Administration Center (TLAC) will have room for in-person attendees at this meeting based on the state’s physical distancing requirements. Space is determined by the number of individuals also attending the meeting in-person for presentations or recognitions. The following procedures, required under the state’s modified Open Public Meetings Act, will be in place:

  • Those interested in attending meetings must register ahead of time beginning at noon the day before the meeting. Registration will close once meeting capacity is met. In-person attendees will also need to identify whether they plan to provide public comment.
  • In-person attendees must arrive by 6:25 to ensure they can complete temperature check and attestation process. Community members who are registered and suddenly unable to attend are asked to cancel their reservation as soon as possible so other interested individuals may attend.
  • Upon arrival at the TLAC, attendees will have their registration verified and will be given a temperature check. Registered attendees will only be admitted if their temperature is under 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Attendees will then need to sign an attestation log.
  • Those attending these in-person meetings must wear appropriate face coverings and maintain six feet of distance from others at the meeting.

Providing Public Comment At Board Meetings

The Board schedules 20 minutes for public comment at each regular meeting. With the transition to in-person and remote attendance, community members may provide public comment when attending in-person or remotely.

The Board will alternate between in-person and remote comments, starting with in-person comments. Each community member providing comment will have up to two minutes. The Board will not respond to comments or engage in dialogue, though may direct district staff to connect with those making comments.

An interest in providing public comment does not guarantee an in-person or remote attendee the opportunity to address the Board given the time limit and others providing public comment in-person and via Zoom.

Rick Jansons

Richland School District Board Member Rick Jansons

(509) 528-3488

Position Two - Term expires November 2021

Jill Oldson

Richland School District Board Member Jill Oldson

Vice President
(509) 546-1303

Position Five - Term expires November 2023

Heather Cleary

Richland School District Board Member Heather Cleary

(509) 627-3400

Position One - Term expires November 2021

Ken Gosney

(509) 212-5759

Position Three - Term expires November 2021

Kari Williams

Richland School Board Member Kari Williams

Legislative Representative
(509) 539-4040

Position Four - Term expires November 2023

Board Meetings

Richland School Board meetings are typically held the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at 6:30 p.m. Interested community members are encouraged to attend. 

Contact The School Board

Board members welcome your comments, concerns, and questions. The Board may direct your inquiry to the RSD administrator who is most knowledgeable about the subject.

There are two ways to currently communicate with board members.

  • For general feedback and comments: send a message to the Board by emailing
  • For comments on board meeting agenda items: send a message to the Board by emailing