COVID-19 Activity Dashboard

UPDATE: As of May 11, 2023, the Public Health Emergency related to COVID-19 has officially ended. In light of this development, we will no longer be required to post positive COVID-19 cases on our website. Thank you.

Archived Confirmed Positive On-site COVID-19 Cases

Responding To COVID-19 Outbreaks

Per the Washington Department of Health, defines a COVID-19 outbreak is defined as:

  • Multiple COVID-19 cases from positive viral tests comprising at least 10% of students, teachers, or staff within a specified core group OR
  • At least 3 cases within a specified core group AND
  • The following three criteria are met:
    • Cases have a symptom onset or positive test result within 14 days of each other, AND
    • There is no evidence that transmission was more likely to have occurred  outside of the school AND
    • Cases were linked in the school setting or a school extracurricular activity.

The district will work closely with Benton-Franklin Health District to determine what measures may be needed to respond to an outbreak.