Safety & Security Capital Projects Levy

Students who feel safe at school can better focus on learning. Staff who feel safe at school can better engage students. Families that feel their children are safe at school can better support their education.

The Richland School Board approved a resolution for a capital projects levy during its Nov. 22 regular meeting. This measure will be considered by voters in the Feb. 14 special election. View The Capital Projects Levy Resolution.

Modernizing Older Schools

Schools rebuilt in recent years have newer safety features, such as secure entrances and building layouts, surveillance cameras and advanced security systems. The Capital Projects Levy will provide funding needed to make similar updates to older schools across the district, including:

  • Construction of main entrance secure vestibules and potential relocation of some administrative offices at Richland High School and Carmichael and Chief Joseph middle schools.
  • Construction of main entrance secure vestibules at Hanford High School, Enterprise Middle School, Jason Lee, White Bluffs and William Wiley elementary schools.
Secure School Entrance diagram

An example of a recent school built with a secure vestibule entrance.

Threat Assessment speaker

John Van Dreal, a threat assessment consultant, speaks to RSD staff at a training.

Supporting Safety Efforts

School staff work hard to keep students safe every day. Giving them the best tools to do that job is crucial. While the district has already begun instituting revised and updated safety best practices and protocols, the Capital Projects Levy will further enhance those efforts by:

  • Purchasing new surveillance systems and access controls at schools

  • Providing staff training on new systems and best practices in threat assessment and crisis response

  • Partnering with outside security experts on identifying and addressing vulnerabilities

Safe Schools in the Future

When students, staff and families all know each other, they help make schools safe. Hanford and Richland high schools are serving hundreds more students each than they were designed for. That does more than lead to crowded hallways—it makes it harder for students to engage with staff, get involved in activities and know who is part of their school community. The Capital Projects Levy will assist the district in developing plans and designs for RSD high school facilities that will address enrollment growth. This ensures every student is known, every staff member is supported and every family is connected.

  • Development and design of a third comprehensive high school in West Richland

  • Development and design of a joint campus facility for River’s Edge High School & Pacific Crest Online Academy

  • Development and design of addition to Three Rivers HomeLink

Drone picture of site for third high school

What Will The Security and Safety Levy Cost?

The Capital Projects Levy, if approved by voters, would collect $23 million from property taxes for six years, beginning in 2024. The estimated levy rate is $0.31 per $1,000 in assessed property value. Use RSD’s Tax Calculator to see how much you’ll contribute to the Capital Projects Levy at www.rsd.edu/calculator.

home icon

$62 per year -
for a home assessed at $200,000*

House with garage icon

$93 per year -
for a home assessed at $300,000*

Large House icon

$124 per year -
for a home assessed at $400,000*


*Roughly 60 percent of properties in the district are assessed between $200,000 and $400,000.

Capital projects levy funding

Frequently Asked Questions About Levies

Levy Approval

Thank you to our community for your long-standing history of approving Richland School District levies! Local levies require a simple majority to pass.

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