2017 Bond

Bonds are for building.

In February 2017, our community approved a $99 million bond issue to build new schools, replace existing schools and make other facility improvements across our district. The bond also allowed the district to apply for about $42 million in state assistance dollars to augment the community's contributions. Projects covered by the bond included:

  • Replacement of Badger Mountain Elementary
  • Replacement of Tapteal Elementary
  • Constructions of a new elementary school on Belmont Boulevard in West Richland
  • Construction of a new elementary school in south Richland
  • Renovation of the Richland High School auditorium
  • Home side improvements and installation of field turf at Fran Rish Stadium
  • Improved athletic fields at Hanford High School
  • Construction of a new RSD Teaching, Learning & Administrative Center
  • Renovation of the1982 wing of the old Jefferson Elementary into the Early Learning Center
  • Classroom additions/land purchases throughout the district
Early Learning Center

This project is a renovation of the 1982 wing of the old Jefferson Elementary into a space serving the district's Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP) and developmental preschool. The renovations will take place over several years.

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This project will be build a new school in the Badger Mountain South residential development near Dallas Road. The building will be a prototypical design similar to that of the new Tapteal Elementary.

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