We are a community that deeply believes in service, hard work, the joy of learning and the importance of helping the next generation be ready for the future.

The Richland School District of today dates from 1944, when the U.S. government built the plutonium-enriching facilities at the Hanford site and established the modern community of Richland for the site's thousands of employees and their families.

Those families were just the latest in a series of communities to call the Mid-Columbia home. They were preceded by the pioneers, farmers and ranchers who had moved West decades before and the Native American tribes who lived in the region for thousands of years. All similarly sought to prepare their children to lead better lives than previous generations.

We remain committed to this universal vision.

This begins with an academic foundation of excellent instruction and rigorous curricula taught by high quality staff that empowers students to be agents of their own education. We provide services for students of all talents and abilities, from preschool to Grade 12, and strive to create learning environments of equity, safety and growth.

Our strong focus on co-curricular and extracurricular programs—from diverse visual and performing arts offerings and instructional technology to athletic and leadership opportunities—reinforce work in the classroom and inspire student creativity, innovation and citizenship. 

This makes Richland schools exceptional and we are proud to offer them to our community.

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Our Mission & Commitments

The Richland School District’s educational excellence inspires and prepares students to become:

  • Critical thinkers;
  • Passionate learners;
  • Contributing and responsible members of society; and
  • Successful in the global community.

We commit to:  

  • Providing a safe environment where teachers and students share mutual respect for one another. Teachers who care about students improve the quality of learning through an understanding of diversity and a belief that all students can learn.
  • Providing a carefully aligned K-12 curriculum taught with quality materials, technology and research-based interventions.
  • Ensuring classrooms with high expectations and clear standards, strong classroom management, and effective teaching practices.
  • Maximizing student learning through our partnership with families and the school community.
  • Helping families stay connected with their students’ learning by communicating expectations and student progress, building relationships, and providing parents the tools they need to help their children succeed.
  • Incorporating new knowledge into practice through professional development and promoting open and shared instructional practices with time to collaborate, evaluate and reflect.
  • Involving parents and community in an active role in supporting our schools including mutual sharing of new knowledge, building positive relationships and opening the schools for volunteering.
  • Supporting and recognizing our students for playing a vital role in their own and each other’s learning as dedicated learners with positive attitudes.


Students in pre-kindergarten through Grade 12

Looking To The Future

We are setting goals and priorities for our schools so our students lead fulfilling and successful lives.


Certificated and classified staff

A Tradition Of Community Support

Our community is dedicated to supporting our schools so students can be successful.

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