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School Bus Route Information

View Bus Routes.

Contact the Routing Desk:  Cynthia.Eskeli@rsd.edu or (509) 967-6155

Contact the Director of Transportation: David.conrad@rsd.edu or (509) 967-6150


School Bus Rules

Please take the time to review the School Bus Rules and Student Conduct on Buses with your student.

Ben Franklin Transit Bus Pass Program

Your secondary student may be eligible for a Ben Franklin Transit pass provided by the district.  Transit passes are provided to students in grades 6–12 who live outside one radius mile of their school of attendance but in an area not served by a neighborhood school bus route.  Please review the BFT FAQ's if you are interested in finding out more.

Information about the New Rider Travel Training offered by Ben Franklin Transit can be found here: http://www.bft.org/services/travel-training/

Become A Bus Driver

School bus driving is an incredibly rewarding experience that offers a steadily-paced work day and the opportunity to be a part of student lives.  We interview applicants for substitute driver positions throughout the school year as needed. 

Our training program is rigorous and you will be a better driver in your own vehicle once you have completed the training. There are out of pocket expenses related to obtaining a CDL, some of which are reimbursable after six months and your training hours are paid if you are hired.

Apply for subsitute driver positions through Richland School District's jobs portal.  If you need assistance with the application process call Human Resources at (509) 967-6023, or go to the administration office at 615 Snow Ave.  You may also contact our Transportation Safety Supervisor, Tricia Callahan, at (509) 967-6154 or at tricia.callahan@rsd.edu with any questions and updates about your application.