The Washington State Learning Standards provide essential academic learning targets for subjects taught in Richland Schools. The Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum Department provides oversight of the district’s curriculum renewal process and ensures new materials align with state standards.

Curriculum Adoption Efforts

K-12 Math Adoption
This curriculum adoption is aimed at determining a grade-level appropriate K-12 mathematics core curriculum that aligns with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. 

The committee’s work includes reviewing current district math data, reading research around best practice in mathematical instruction, reviewing the state math standards, evaluating current math curriculum, and identifying and field testing the top two choices.

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Digital Citizenship
Our district believes it is vitally important to teach students digital citizenships, or the skills and the knowledge necessary to use technology and digital resources safely and efficiently. This includes the norms of appropriate, responsible, and healthy behavior related to current technology use, including digital and media literacy, ethics, etiquette, and security. Digital citizenship includes the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, develop, produce, and interpret media, as well as Internet safety and cyberbullying prevention and response.

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Curriculum Audit

The Richland School District is always looking for ways to make its schools even better. With that goal in mind, the district pursued an audit of its curriculum program during the winter of 2018. This audit was conducted by an independent, third-party professional organization known for its expertise and ability to show school districts how they can use their approach to curriculum to do more to serve students.  

The audit made recommendations to help the Richland School Board and district officials craft stronger policies and thorough approaches to curriculum as well as provide better curricular support to teachers. All are aimed at making sure we give every student access to high quality instruction and support.

The Board and district officials this fall will plan the multi-year process to implement those recommendations necessary to ensure our schools are truly “Educating Every Student for Success.” This winter we will begin working school staff members to put those plans in place and move our schools and students forward.

Curriculum Audit Report

Help Review Science Curricula For Richland Schools

The district's Middle School and High science curriculum committees are seeking community members to help review potential science curricula that meets state standards and prepares students for their futures. Deadline to apply is Oct. 23.

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