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April 20, 2023

Shelley Future Chefs compeition

Creating culinary treats and learning new recipes is one of my favorite ways to spend an evening. Cooking allows me to be creative and expand my palette with flavors from different cultures. In March, I had the opportunity to share my passion of cooking with RSD students while being a judge for Sodexo’s Future Chefs competition held at Tri-Tech Skills Center.

Eleven of our elementary students were chosen to represent their schools based on healthy recipes they created. Each student was paired with a high schooler from Tri-Tech’s culinary program. I enjoyed watching the mentorship and collaboration the older students provided as they worked with the younger students.

Shortly after cooking began, the room filled with the sweet aroma of sautéed vegetables, melting cheese and baked goodies. As I walked around the room observing the cooking process, I was struck by what an incredible opportunity this is for our students. Introducing younger generations to future career paths that align with their interests is something I take pride in the district doing. These students got a small taste of a real-world restaurant experience: cooking in a commercial grade kitchen, creating tasting plates, presentation plates and tasting portions of their recipe.

Shelley and Daniel

Not only did I enjoy some amazing food, but I picked up a few new tips and learned the secret ingredient for the winning dish! Marcus Whitman Elementary fourth grader Daniel Masenten took home first place for his fruit salad recipe. Daniel’s salad includes a mix of honeydew melon, cantaloupe and fresh blackberries tossed in a sweet and zesty sauce with chopped pecans and fresh tarragon. It was refreshing!

Interactions with our students is a large part of why I love being Superintendent for the Richland School District. We are fortunate to have so many remarkable students who are exploring their interests and pursing their dreams.

Happy cooking!


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