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Superintendent Dr. Shelley Redinger

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Dec. 13, 2022

When I and other district leaders welcomed all school and district staff at the beginning of the school year, I held a drawing for a special prize: the opportunity for me to be their substitute for a day so they could focus on other professional opportunities they wanted to focus on.

I drew two names, one for our Communities In Schools coordinator at Badger Mountain Elementary and a first-grade teacher at William Wiley Elementary. I recently fulfilled my promise, spending a full school day at each while the staff members took in some training they had long wanted to complete or worked on other tasks to benefit students.

While I regularly visit schools to engage with administrators, staff, volunteers and parents, it is a whole other experience to manage and engage students for an entire day. The two staff members appreciated the opportunity to step away from their roles to focus on other professional needs, but this was secretly a treat for me, too.

I loved every minute of it! At Badger Mountain I helped run the school store where students could come select prizes using tokens they received for positive behavior. I also got to chat with them over lunch as well.

Dr. Shelley Redinger helps a student pick a prize from the Badger Mountain school store while subbing as a CIS coordinator.
Superintendent Dr. Shelley Redinger enjoys lunch with Badger Mountain students while subbing as a CIS coordinator.

At Wiley, my day in the first-grade classrooms reminded me of why I first became a teacher years ago. Seeing students excitedly answer questions and work on projects never fails to fill my bucket.

Superintendent Dr. Shelley Redinger assists a student while subbing in a first grade classroom at William Wiley Elementary
Dr. Redinger reviews a student's writing assignment while subbing in a first-grade classroom at William Wiley Elementary.

I found myself thinking that while I am committed to serving RSD as superintendent, my heart truly misses teaching. But I also quickly remembered how much hard work it takes, as I was glad to get home and just rest for a moment at the end of each of those days.

I look forward to offering more opportunities like this to our staff in the next year. I’m also looking forward to holding my next Redinger Roundtable community meeting on Jan. 19 at Desert Sky Elementary, our ribbon cutting celebration of the new Badger Mountain Elementary on Jan. 26 and so much more. Having such great students, staff and community to partner with is a gift I’m never tired of receiving every year.

Happy holidays, enjoy Winter Break and talk to you all soon!


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