Hazel Health Services

Richland School District has partnered with Hazel Health to provide remote mental health therapy and physical health services to students at no cost to them or their families. 

Services include:

  • Mental Health: All students are eligible for six (6) teletherapy sessions at no cost. Visits can help students with everything from anxiety, depression, and grief to peer and family relationships and bullying.
  • Physical Health: Same-day medical care appointments from home on any smartphone, computer or tablet. Visits can cover concerns relating to sore throats, headaches, pink eye, allergies, minor injuries and more.
  • Care management to local resources: Referrals to local  providers for continuity of care. 
  • Coordination: Communication with families, local health providers, and school staff.

All students must have a Consent To Care form signed by their parent/guardian on file to begin receiving services.

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Mental Health Services

Physical Health Services