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Preschool Special Education

Early Learning Center

Richland School District's preschool program is at the Early Learning Center. We work with children ages 3-5 with mild to severe disabilities to prepare them for kindergarten or other elementary Special Education programs. The preschool curriculum focuses on increasing cognitive, communication, social, behavior, and motor skills. The district collaborates with ECEAP (Early Childhood Education and Assistance Programs).

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Elementary Special Education


If your student may need special education services, contact the Special Education Department at (509) 967-6050 to request that your student be evaluated for special education. 

RSD elementary schools serve students from Kindergarten through Grade 5. Education placement options are determined by the IEP team. 

Special education is meant to minimize the impact of disability while maximizing the opportunities for inclusion for children with disabilities to participate in general education within their natural community. Students should remain in the general educational setting unless determined by the IEP team.

Special Education Office Main Phone
(509) 967-6050

Zac Carpenter
Executive Director, Elementary
(509) 967-6191

Katie Pardini
Special Education Coordinator, Elementary

Records Requests
(509) 967-6050