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Special Education

Richland School District has a strong commitment to providing quality services to our students with disabilities. Our community is passionate about providing the best support possible for students and supportive in working with school district staff to achieve this. Our Special Education Department works with teachers, paraeducators, educational staff, parents, and community partners to help students with disabilities access and make progress in their education. Our staff are committed to providing individualized services and supports for each student as well as involving them in their school community.

Available Programs & Services

  • Therapy Services – Communication, fine motor, and gross motor services
  • Preschool Age Services – drop-in therapy, inclusive preschool support (ECEAP, Head Start), Developmental Preschool
  • Specially Designed Instruction — Cognitive, Reading, Written Expression, Math, Social, Behavior, Adaptive and Executive Functioning services.
  • Consultant Services – Service is provided by a special education certificated staff member to assist the general education teacher in adjusting the learning environment and/or modifying his/her instructional methods to meet the needs of a student with a disability who attends the general education class.
  • Co-Teaching – Specially designed instruction and academic instruction are provided collaboratively by both a special and general education teacher to a group of students with disabilities in a general education setting with their non-disabled peers. Students receive core academic instruction with general education materials. The special and general education teacher share responsibilities for the delivery of primary instruction, planning, and evaluation for all students. The special and general education teacher must have the same planning period. The percentage of students with disabilities in the class must be less than 50%. At this time, co-teaching in RSD is only offered in ELA and math courses at the secondary level.
  • Push-In Services – Service is provided by a special education teacher (or paraeducator) to support students with disabilities in a general education classroom. Specially designed individualized or group instruction is provided to students with disabilities which provide support in the student’s general education class.
  • Pull-Out Services – These are most often Resource Room services. Pull-out services are for the purpose of supplementing the general education instruction of students with disabilities who are in need of supplemental instruction. Students receive specially designed instruction from a special education teacher (or paraeducator) in small groups in a separate location.
  • Self-Contained – These are substantially separate program classrooms. Traditionally, in RSD, these included the Life Skills, BESST, ERR, and Structured classrooms. As we move towards providing boundary based services through the continuum of services at each building, those particular classrooms/programs will be phased out to a more blended model for those students in need of alternative standards classrooms. For students with disabilities in these classrooms, the majority of their day is specially designed instruction in a separate setting from their nondisabled peers.

Special Education Parent Meetings

Special Education staff work collaboratively with other community partners and provide monthly informational meetings for parents of students receiving special education services. These meetings cover a variety of topics aimed at helping parents support their students in their education. 

Upcoming Meetings:

  • March 20 – Special Education Rights
  • April 10 – Service Supports in the Tri-Cities

Special Programs Review

In the Richland School District’s ongoing efforts to improve its schools even better, the district pursued an independent review of its special education programs during the spring of 2018. This review was conducted by an independent, third-party professional organization known for its expertise and ability to show school districts how they can better serve students requiring extra support to succeed in the classroom.

The review made recommendations to help our special programs better identify and provide services to our students with special needs. All are aimed at ensuring every student has access to high quality instruction and support so they can have fulfilling lives upon graduation.

The Richland School Board and district officials this fall will plan the multi-year process to implement those recommendations necessary to ensure our schools are truly “Educating Every Student for Success.” This winter we will begin working with school staff members to put those plans in place and move our schools and students forward.

McKinney Education for Homeless Children and Youth

The Homeless Education office at OSPI oversees the federal McKinney Education for Homeless Children and Youth program, also known as "McKinney-Vento." The program provides federal funding to states for the purpose of supporting district programs that serve homeless students.  For more information, go to: http://www.k12.wa.us/HomelessEd/default.aspx

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