Distribute Materials In Schools

The Richland School District permits the distribution of materials in its schools by outside organizations. All materials must be reviewed and approved before distribution using the request form below. Please note that we do not distribute flyers individually to students as classroom handouts.


  • A copy of the material to be distributed must accompany a Request To Distribute approval form.
  • All material must state “This activity is not sponsored by Richland School District”.
  • The requesting organization accepts responsibility for delivery of materials to schools.
  • A copy of this approval, once authorized, must be presented or sent with materials to each site.
  • Materials may be made available to students at designated school flyer tables.
  • Posters or flyers may be posted in appropriate areas, if available, per building approval. 
  • The proposed activity shall have educational, social, or recreational value to the participants.
  • Richland School District does not distribute flyers to students as classroom handouts.

Download Distribution Form

Ty Beaver
Director of Communications
(509) 967-6008