Landscape Services

The Richland School District's award-winning Landscape Services Department takes care of the day-to-day maintenance of the grounds and fields at 20 schools and several support facilities. Nine members of the team are Certified Grounds Technicians, a national certification through the Professional Grounds Management Society.

The department's top priorities include safety and sustainable practices. Team members are trained in the areas of turf management, irrigation, landscape design, snow removal, excavation and more.

Carmichael Middle school is one of the District's oldest facility with a 50-year-old irrigation system and sandy soil. The turf is a challenge to keep green all year so wetting agents are used to hold moisture in the soil. On the hill is a 100 ft. smiley face for the Class of 2023.

The Landscape Services team works alongside electricians to run power for a new sign at William Wiley Elementary. The ditch was 580 ft long and was bedded it with top soil for electrical code.

Hanford High's baseball fields were the first fields that the District tried a new pumice product made in Idaho that was a game changer! The soil drains well and stays workable as it compacts, but is easily fluffed up and doesn’t stain uniforms.

Repairing an 8 inch main line meant an oversized excavation for safety.

Snow removal and de-icing is handled by the Landscape Services team. A team approach to clearing snow is used with two trucks and a sidewalk machine.

Earth planters are used for front entry color at 10 locations throughout the district. These planters can be changed out seasonally bringing a bit of color to the Tri-City desert.

Richland High School soccer fields include a game field and a practice field, which is made up of sand and irrigated with a well. These fields can be a challenge to keep green during the summer months with triple digit temperatures. 

Colorful lights were added by the team to Hanford High to bring additional color to the front of the school. The color of the lights can be changed throughout the year for holidays or other occasions.

The Landscape Services team has been adding stencils and symbols to fields for several years - honoring special events and occasions. Pictured is a 120 ft. tall pink ribbon in honor of breast cancer awareness month.

The Landscape Services crew not only maintains the fields but manages other projects including adding an area for broadcasters for televised games.

Richard Krasner
Executive Director
(509) 967-6102

Jeffrey Lettau
Facilities & Operations Director
(509) 967-6104

Brad Anderson
Facilities & Operations Assistant Director
(509) 967-6127

Chris Hall
Landscape Services Manager
(509) 967-6106

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