Facilities Planning Committee

Providing schools and spaces where students can feel safe, be engaged and develop their skills and talents is crucial to serving our growing and diverse community.

The district's Facilities Planning Committee will be responsible for developing a multi-year Long-Term Facility Plan that will help the Richland School Board determine when, where and how to build schools in the future. Potential projects the committee may consider include:

  • A third comprehensive high school
  • Renovated or new facility for River's Edge High School
  • Expansion of Three Rivers HomeLink
  • Expansions of or modifications to Hanford and Richland high schools
  • Expansions of or modifications to existing middle schools and elementary schools
  • Facility needs for non-instructional services (Maintenance, Operations, Transportation, Warehouse, IT, Print Shop)

Facilities Planning Committee Charge

Meeting Schedule

  • Jan. 23, RSD Administration Building, 6:30 p.m.
  • Feb. 13, time and place TBD
  • March 5, time and place TBD
  • March 26, time and place TBD
  • April 16, time and place TBD
  • May 7, time and place TBD
  • May 28, time and place TBD

Committee Members

Committee Members were appointed by the Richland School Board in January 2020.

Community members

  • Brian Ace
  • Connie Andrews
  • Brittany Babb
  • Fred Brink
  • Rich Buel
  • Devan Clements
  • Rich French
  • Jason Green
  • Laila Krowiak
  • Scott McDonald
  • Greg Page
  • Janice Waters
  • Sarah Whitish-Smith

RSD Staff

  • Mike Hansen, Deputy Superintendent
  • Todd Baddley, Assistant Superintendent for Secondary
  • Richard Krasner, Executive Director of Operations
  • Jeff Lettau and/or Caren Johnson, Capital Projects
  • Ryan Beard, Career & Technical Education Director
  • Nicole Anderson, River's Edge High School Principal
  • Tim Praino, Richland High School Principal
  • Andrew Hargunani, Leona Libby Middle School Principal
  • Josh Jelinek, Hanford High School Athletic Director
  • Teachers
    • Rick Manka, HHS Special Education
    • Russ Newbury, HHS Performing Arts
    • Mike Edwards, RHS Athletics/Physical Education
    • Marcie Radar, HHS ELA/Math/Social Studies
    • Denise Reddinger, RHS Counselor/Specialist
    • Stephanie Schirm, RHS CTE