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Medication At School

Medication is defined as all drugs whether prescription or over-the-counter. If your health care provider has ordered medication to be taken by your child while he or she is at school, the following conditions must be met:

  1. The parent must submit an Oral (or Injectable) Medication Authorization Form, signed by a licensed health care provider and the parent.
  2. The medication must be brought to the school by the parent or legal guardian, in the original container, in an amount not to exceed a 20-day supply. The container must be labeled with the student's name, health care provider's name, drug name and dosage.
  3. Medication requests shall be valid for the current school year.

For the safety of all students, please do not send medication of any kind to school with your student. This includes Tylenol and cough drops. If you or your student bring medication to school without the signed Oral Medication Authorization Form the staff WILL NOT BE ABLE to administer the medication. You, the parent, are always welcome to come to school to administer the medication yourself.

Copies of the Medication Authorization Forms are available for download using the links above. Additional forms are available in the school office or health room. Contact the school secretary or school nurse if you have any questions.

High School Students Only: Richland School District's medication policy allows responsible high school students to carry one dose of medication with them. They must have approval from their parent, health care provider, principal, and school nurse. They must carry the single dose in the original, properly labeled bottle along with the permission form. The health care provider must check the Single Day Self-Carry box on the medication form.

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