Payroll & Benefits

Our staff enjoy some of the best salary and benefits packages in education in the Mid-Columbia. Our district is committed to helping staff members take care of their families so they can focus on serving our students.

Employee Benefits

Healthcare Coverage

Healthcare and other benefits are covered by School Employees Benefits Board (SEBB). This insurance program is managed by SEBB of the Washington State Health Care Authority.

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If you or your children are eligible for Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and you’re eligible for health coverage through the district and the School Employees Benefits Board (SEBB), you may be eligible for assistance to help pay for your health care coverage through Medicaid or CHIP. 

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Angie Hendricks
Payroll Manager
(509) 967-6012

Amy Tycksen
Payroll/Benefits Specialist for Classified New Hires and Secondary Timecards
(509) 967-6020

Anita Rodriguez
Payroll/Benefits Specialist for Certificated & Substitute New Hires and Elementary Timecards
(509) 967-6019