Human Resources

We are always looking for inspired, dynamic and innovative individuals to become part of our team.

As a growing school district with strong community support of schools, we seek to provide our students more than a basic education. That means plenty of opportunities for those wanting to make a mark in the classroom and join a district that values and supports its staff.

Take a look at our open positions and see where you could fit on our team. Ready to apply? Submit your application using our online application system.

Who do I contact with questions about...

  • ...the contract for certificated staff or applying for a certificated position?: Bobbi Condos, (509) 967-6021
  • ...the contract for classified staff or applying for a classified position?: Joy Ham, (509) 967-6022
  • ...the contract for coaches and administrators or applying for a coaching or administrator position?: Dawna Phillips, (509) 967-6010
  • ...substituting?: Amanda Krisher, (509) 967-6024
  • ...workers compensation, volunteering or the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)?: Joan Gribskov, (509) 967-6011
  • ...files and human resources records?: Michelle Yardley, (509) 967-6076
  • ...RSD's human resources department, the HRM Portal, uploading/downloading documents or a technical issue?: Kathy Keenan, (509) 967-6023


Negotiated Contracts/Agreements

Tony Howard
Assistant Superintendent
(509) 967-6023

Joan Gribskov
Employee Safety Manager
(509) 967-6011

Bobbi Condos
Certificated Contract Specialist
(509) 967-6021

Joy Ham
Classified Contract Specialist
(509) 967-6022

Dawna Phillips
Contract Specialist
(509) 967-6010

Amanda Krisher
Substitute Coordinator Secretary
(509) 967-6024

Kathy Keenan
(509) 967-6023

Michelle Yardley
(509) 967-6076