Levy Funding

School nurses. Extracurricular activities. Art and music. Student technology. Special education services. These and more are just a few of the needs in the Richland School District made possible by local levy dollars.

The Educational Programs & Operations (EP&O) and Technology levies provide roughly 15 percent of RSD’s annual budget. Without that amount, the district would have to trim about $30 million in expenses in its 2021-22 budget.


Distribution of EP&O Levy by Percent

Distribution of EP&O Levy by Percent

Clinton Sherman
Executive Director for Financial Services
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Distribution of EP&O Levy by Dollar Amount

Distribution of Educational Programs & Operations Levy by Dollar Amount


What does the levy support?

Staffing and programs icon

Staffing & Programs pays for Advanced Placement, Highly Capable Program, Substitute Teachers, Teacher Mentors, Teachers not funded by the State, Assessment Facilitators, Secretaries, Building Principals, Psychologists and social workers and more.

Health and Safety icon

Health & Safety pays for school resource officers, security, health room aides and more.



Athletics and Activities icon

Athletics & Activities pays for after school programs, coaches, advisors, competitions, visual and performing arts, extracurricular activities and clubs (such as robotics and foreign language), and more.

MOT icon

Maintenance, Operations & Transportation pays for utilities, insurance, building custodians, grounds crew, mechanics and more.

Capital projects levy funding

Frequently Asked Questions About The Levies