Financial Services

Our Financial Services Department helps ensure every dollar spent in our schools is accounted for and aids district leaders in crafting sound fiscal policy. 

Among the department's many responsibilities:

  • Preparation and monitoring of the school district's budget, financial statements, enrollment reports/projections and other related financial reports. 
  • Appropriate payment of district bills and prudent investment of district financial resources. Department personnel
  • Provide direct staff support in monitoring budgets, ensuring appropriate fiscal procedures are followed, and acts as a liaison with the State Auditors Office. 
  • Risk management.


Financial Reports & Recources

Clinton Sherman
Executive Director
(509) 967-6005

Cynthia Robinette
Assistant Director
(509) 967-6013

Beth Stumetz
Purchasing Supervisor
(509) 967-6043

Angie Hendricks
Payroll Manager
(509) 967-6012