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Field Trips

Field trips and before and after school activities that are school-sponsored activities follow the same district policy govern that governs medication administration during the school day. If a student with a life threatening condition is going on the trip, the school nurse will review the student's emergency health plan and medication usage with the teacher. Teachers will also be trained in medication administration for other students who have medications at school. The teacher will then be responsible for the medications and emergency health plans during the field trip. If a student must take medications on the trip that are not usually administered at school, the following conditions must be met in order for your child to receive medications during the field trip. Medication is defined as all medicine whether prescription or over-the-counter.

  1. At least one week before the trip, the parent must give the school nurse a completed Medication Authorization Form, signed by a licensed health care provider and the parent or legal guardian.
  2. At least one week before the trip, the medication must be brought to the school nurse by the parent or legal guardian in the original container in an amount not to exceed the days of the field trip. The container must be labeled with the student's name, health care provider's name, drug name and dosage.
  3. The school nurse will then prepare the medication paperwork for the trip and train the teacher in medication administration.

You may download the Medication Authorization Form from this site or obtain one from the teacher, school office, or health room.