Weather Delays & Closures

Assume that schools are running on time if there is no notice of delay or cancellation on the district’s website.

We attempt to announce delays or closures as early as possible. Keep in mind, every weather incident is different, and the district may deviate from these procedures if necessary.

The district supports a parent’s or guardian’s decision to not send their child to school or pick their child up early because of weather conditions. Absences will be considered excused with a signed note.

The district will not send students home early due to inclement weather as it cannot be guaranteed students will be able to enter their homes and have supervision.

How To Learn If School Is Delayed Or Closed

  • Websites - Check and individual school websites
  • ParentSquare - Email, text and ParentSquare app notifications will be sent to families. Call your child's school to make sure your email address and cell phone is up-to-date or make changes in the ParentSquare app
  • FlashAlert - The FlashAlert system distributes emergency messages and weathers alerts. Sign-up to receive FlashAlert from the Richland School District.
  • Social Media - Facebook & Instagram
  • Local News – Local television and radio stations frequently run delay and closure announcements

Weather Delays Procedures

School Delays and Closure Decisions

If snow or inclement weather is in the forecast, the district follows the timeline below when determining whether to cancel or delay school. Our staff begins to evaluate road conditions across this district starting at 3 a.m. Here is our process:

  • District officials drive bus routes which include city streets, highways, and neighborhood roads.
  • When necessary, maintenance crews begin snow and ice removal in parking lots and sidewalks around schools.
  • Notes are compared with transportation staff from neighboring districts to learn about road conditions outside our district. 
  • Hourly weather forecasts are assessed to determine whether conditions are improving or deteriorating.
  • Superintendent Dr. Shelley Redinger is briefed by district officials about road conditions and weather forecasts. She also speaks with neighboring school district superintendents.
  • Around 5 a.m. a decision is made to proceed as usual or to delay or cancel school.
  • Notifications about the closure or delay decisions are sent via ParentSquare, Flash Alert and posted on the district/school websites.

We make the best decision possible given the information we have, with student and staff safety in mind.