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Classroom Support Teachers

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Linda Stairet
Richland High School
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Chris Butler
Hanford High School
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Randy Fairfield
Carmichael Middle School
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Amy Sperline
Jefferson Elementary School
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Jill Loftus
Chief Joseph Middle School
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Natalie Guymon
Hanford High School
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Morgan Chittenden
Jason Lee Elementary School

Classroom Support Teachers


The mission of the Richland School District Classroom Support Teachers is to collaborate with and support teachers as they build capacity for continuous improvement in order to meet their student achievement goals through embedded professional development related to the integration of content, pedagogy, and technology.


The Richland School District utilizes a research-based, student-centered coaching model (Sweeney, 2010, 2013) to support teachers in designing learning experiences that are targeted, differentiated, and aligned with the Common Core State Standards to maximize student achievement.


Classroom Support Teachers partner with teachers to:

  • Set standards-based goals for student learning.
  • Create a set of learning targets that are based on standards.
  • Utilize student evidence to plan differentiated instruction.
  • Co-teach using effective teaching practices.
  • Document student and teaching learning across a coaching cycle.
  • Schedule coaching based on learning cycles.
  • Work in partnership with the school leadership.



The Richland School District's Classroom Support Teachers operate on the foundation that student learning is the guiding focus. Classroom Support Teachers offer continual and relevant support through sound partnering practices. These practices include, but are not limited to, conversations, observations, co-teaching, reflections, and collaborative planning.


Because our coaching model is student focused and students have different needs, our Classroom Support Teachers have diverse experiences in supporting students in their K-12 journeys. Partnering with a Classroom Support Teacher is a practice we encourage all teachers to explore. This collaborative experience is about building a teacher’s pedagogical prowess and is worthwhile whether teachers are in their first year of teaching, last year of teaching, or anywhere in between.

Protocol and Placement

Individual teachers or teams of teachers are invited to participate in 4-6 week coaching cycles whenever they identify a student data point that they want to set improvement goals around to enhance student performance. All Classroom Support Teachers make their weekly schedules accessible for the teachers and staff they are supporting. Support occurs both formally and informally and, most frequently, in classrooms with teachers and students.